At Eric Paton Engineering (A division of We Can Precision Engineering), our great reputation for precision engineering and their range of woodworking cutters & heads, now extends to branding irons.

Both LPG and electric branding irons have been developed to meet demand both in New Zealand and Australia.  The EPL LPG Branding Irons are favoured for in the field work and have the advantage of rapid branding head heating.  The EPL Electric Branding Iron models are favoured by professionals requiring finer detail in their branding and can be adapted into a drill press model.

The addition of branding irons to the business has been developing over recent years.  The company had been supplying impression-branding wheels to the timber industry for decades and the extension into supplying branding irons was driven by customer demand.

Customers include timber treatment plants, timber companies, beekeepers, woodcraft designers, wooden furniture imports and manufactures and wineries.

Branding heads are custom made to meet customer requirements.

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Eric Paton - Branding Iron

Eric Paton - Branding Iron

Eric Paton - Branding Wheel