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  • Favoured by professionals requiring finer detail in their branding, for low volume operations. For use in areas with easy access to electricity.
  • The preferred branding solution for Timber Yards and Beekeepers, and where electricity is not readily available. LPG Branding Irons generate high levels of heat for the rapid heating of the branding head.
    Including first 5 digits
  • Available to purchase

    Non standard sizes are available but will impact on the lead time and price. The final price will depend on the complexity of the artwork and the format the artwork is provided to We Can.
  • Accepted file types: svg, dwx, dwg, ai, psd, pdf, jpg, gif, .
    Branding Irons work better with simple, clear logos. All artwork needs to be supplied in a single colour. If your designer is providing artwork for you using a program like adobe, our preference is to receive the artwork as a Scalable Vector Graphic ( .SVG )
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