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  • Favoured by professionals requiring finer detail in their branding, for low volume operations. For use in areas with easy access to electricity. Please choose the size required, the prices show an indicative price range for the size.
  • The preferred branding solution for Timber Yards and Beekeepers, and where electricity is not readily available. LPG Branding Irons generate high levels of heat for the rapid heating of the branding head. ( All prices are intended as guides, GST excl, do not include freight and depend on the complexity of the design required. Some artwork can not be replicated in a branding iron format or may incur extra charges for complexity )
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    Branding Irons work better with simple, clear logos. All artwork needs to be supplied in a single colour. Please remember to keep letter heights to a restriction of around 8mm can go to 5mm, and avoid fonts with serifs and tails. If your designer is providing artwork for you our preference is to receive the artwork as a .dxf file. The final price will depend on the complexity of the artwork to be machined and the format the artwork is provided in to We Can. Our machines can be programmed from a .dxf file format. All other formats require conversion to .dxf before final production. .dxf and .dwg files can be emailed to after submission of this form.
  • Accepted file types: psd, pdf, jpg, gif, .
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