EP4 Solid Profile Woodworking Cutters & Heads

EP4 cutters give a long economical life with high production runs between regrinds. Cutting and clearance angles give clean finished at high production outputs. The clamping system employed gives the cutter accurate and rigid location in the cutter head.

Cutters are hardened, tempered and ground all over to close tolerances. The cutter heads are fine machine finished all over to similar tolerances. Close tolerances on the cutters and heads, together with a ground form profile, ensures accurate location and uniformity of the finished product.

High quality material at the correct hardness ensures long production runs between regrinds. This, together with the large number of regrinds possible, ensures maximum economic cutter life. Accurately finished cutters and cutter head pockets allow for rapid profile changes with minimum machine down time and fewer heads are required for a larger range of profiles.


For best results, a proper tool and cutter grinder should be used for sharpening woodworking cutters. To ensure maximum accuracy, they should be ground in the head normally operated in. Grinding of the cutters should be done systematically, and only be carried out on the cutting face. On no account should the pattern section be ground or ‘touched up’.