EP5 & EP7 Solid Profile Woodworking Cutters & Heads

The EP5 & EP7 systems have been developed for the larger high production planers and moulders.

All cutters and cutter heads are manufactured to close tolerances from good quality tool and tensile steels, then dynamically balanced on completion.

Cutter heads are manufactured to fit any spindle size – tapered or parallel – on cones, self centring sleeves, or hydro clamped – in top, bottom or side head positions.

Serrations accurately locate cutters in cutter heads and together with secure clamping allow simple adjustment and safe operation.

Cutting and clearance angles developed ensure good finishes as well as economic cutter jointing.

Most profiles may be machined with EP5 & EP7 cutters.

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Eric Paton - EP5 Cutter HeadEric Paton - EP7 Cutter Heads