EP6 Finger Joint Cutter With Replaceable Knives

The Eric Paton Engineering (A division of We Can Precision Engineering) finger joint cutters are proving popular with both New Zealand and Australian manufacturers using end-to-end joints in stressed wooden structure components and in joinery, flooring, framing and mouldings, for example.

EPL EP6 cutters can be “stacked” to suit the width of timber being jointed.  The cutterheads can be supplied with 4, 6, 8 or 12 HSS Knives for 4mm through to 16mm long fingers. All knives are locked in dovetail pockets and can be easily replaced when required. Why pay for the whole cutter head each time when you only need to replace the knives?

The 12 Pocket Heads with Titanium Nitride coated knives are being used on the latest vertical finger jointing machines and horizontal machines. An EP6 4mm x 2.5mm pitch knife is being trialled at the moment specifically for Horizontal Finger Jointers but enquiries for this stronger knife will certainly see it making moving across into the vertical machine market as well.

Application For Finger Jointing

End to end joints using defected or off cut timber in stressed wooden structure components and in the manufacture of joinery, flooring, framing, mouldings etc.

Eric Paton - EP6 Cutter Head

Technical Details

  • For all cutter dimensions refer to chart.
  • Cutters may be “stacked” to suit width of timber being jointed.
  • Timber must be clamped and fed precisely throughout cutting operation.
  • Height adjustment to cut counter profile is half the pitch.
  • For those machines with length control we offer finger jointing profiles with finger joint lengths of 8/9mm, 10/11mm and 15/16mm. By using a trim saw with these cutters, profile depth in the timber may be set to suit the fit required.
  • EP6 finger joint cutters may be used on spindle moulding machines as well as specialised finger jointing machines.



  • Cutters must be cleaned and sharpened regularly to avoid variations in joint length and loss of joint strength.
  • Cutterheads with knives should be mounted on grinding machine spindle and correctly aligned with a dial gauge or straight edge (Fig.1).
  • Grind face to correct angle, refer sharpening detail supplied with cutters.
  • Index knives accurately.
  • Sets of cutters should be ground in the one setting with 3mm (minimum) spacers between each cutter.
  • All grinding must be carried out using copious quantities of coolant.
  • All cutters in a set MUST be the same diameter.